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General Enquiries: 01993 891 381
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No one likes to see an unruly hedge in their back garden but, at times it can be troublesome to maintain. If your hedge is well maintained it can act as a barrier and provide you with a certain degree of privacy. However, if it is not maintained it can lose its shape and grow out of control.

Depending on the type of hedge you have you can trim it one of a few ways. If you have a formal evergreen hedge, then it is best to trim it two to three times a year whilst it is actively growing. If you have a fast growing hedge such as a cherry laurel, then it needs much regular trimmings. If you do not pay close attention to this type of hedge, then it will soon outgrow their confinements and become rather unmanageable.


Tips for looking after your hedges

  1. Regularly water it: Hedge owners constantly forget to water them, especially during the summer months and large dry periods.
  1. Maintain it all year round: Again hedge owners forget that the sun alone isn’t enough to maintain their hedge. Remember to feed it through the summer otherwise it will die pretty quickly.
  1. Regularly trim: It is best to trim your hedge regularly, the best time to do so is either in the spring and let it grow over the summer or in the Autumn after an extended period of growth.
  1. If cutting conifers make sure you trim by the natural contours of the hedge to keep it nice and healthy.
  1. If you cut a conifer from the side or against its natural contour you end up exposing it to the sun and harsh winds which will lead to leaf needles slowly dying.
  1. Certain types of hedges need to be cut in stages. If you have an old Beech or Privet Hedge it is best to cut it down over a long period of time. Focus on the top and work your way down. Leave the sides until the next year.

Taking care of a hedge is a lot of work and if it’s not done right it can have a serious negative affect on its well-being. We provide an outstanding hedge cutting service, all of our employees are highly skilled and trained to take care of any hedge.

If you are looking for a company to provide high quality hedge care or removal in Oxfordshire, then look no further than us here at Thames Valley Tree Care. We provide a professional service where customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Get in touch with us today if you require our hedge cutting services.