24 Hour Emergency Number: 07971 018 279
General Enquiries: 01993 891 381
General Enquiries: 01993 891 381
24 Hour: 07971 018 279

Local hedge maintenance services

Thames Valley Tree Care covers all aspects of hedge maintenance from simple trimming, to restoring “out of control” Leylandii. If a hedge is to be completely removed, we offer a re-planting service and advice on suitable specimens.

Leylandi hedges will grow up to 3ft each year and require cutting at least once if not twice a year. It’s important to keep these hedgerows under control with regular maintenance. Tall hedges can block light into the garden, making it hard for other plants and trees to grow. We are regularly called out to removed large Leylandi hedgerows that have become too big for residential gardens. Often these trees can be replaced with more desirable and manageable trees.

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